Well Well Well…it has been quite some time…too long one might say.

I do have an excuse though…I MET SOMEONE!!…and his ex-wife! I can officially say that I have met the kind of crazy you think only exists on TV. Lucky me eh. Being the pessimist we all know I am from my previous posts I am going to try to stick to the positives in this one. Bear with me 😉

So my new guy isn’t new to me but this time he is my knight in camo. We dated 14 years ago and here we find ourselves dating again. He left way back when to join the military and well he must have realized life wasn’t worth living without me…ok I’m not that good…but he did realize that leaving me to join the military wasn’t his biggest mistake in life but marrying that psychotic, cockeyed, bat crap crazy woman he met after me. What can I say, karma? Ok no one deserves that kind of crazy to be unleashed on them but on a positive note is has given me some stuff to blog about…so thank you to her for that.

This guy is one of the good ones…a little rough around the edges…pretends to be a hard ass (probably has something to do with the camo) but is really a big softy. He’s tall, fit, and could protect me if I needed him to…and well I let him think he has to cause it makes him feel tough :). He has beautiful blue eyes, good teeth and a great ass…all the makins of the perfect guy.

Now there have been a plethora of ups and downs…in and out of the bedroom which I am sure I will touch base on. Let’s just say the juices have been flowin.

PG I know you will read this so I will try not to say anything to embarrass you but no promises.

So I no longer have to deal with the dating bullshit and shenanigans but I do, however, have all the ‘stuff’ that a relationships bring. So far, FTW and not WTF anymore.