So I haven’t had much to say…and if you knew me, you’d know that that isn’t possible. And the reality is, I have had a lot of things to write about but nothing that doesn’t make me look desperate or crazy ha ha. But let’s admit it ladies, at some point or another we have all been there. Things with Lucia have gone south so to speak. I found out that my definition of honesty and his definition of honesty were not quite the same. I said what I wanted and he said what I wanted to hear…only gets you so far…because eventually I guess I wanted more than he was willing to continue to say he was going to give. Face it, if you are asking a man for more than 1 thing at a time it’s just too much. If you said to your man ‘Honey I just want you to pleasure me all night long” he would be able to do that for you (ok maybe some of them could…some of the time). Ask him for sex and conversation, he may start to sweat. Ask him for sex, conversation and consideration…look the fuck out…it’s like you asked him to father your first-born child. Now, I can say that Lucia was the first guy that I have dated who said he likes his women ‘Thick’ which I think was suppose to be a compliment? He actually liked the way I looked (crazy) but unfortunately I didn’t. I was working out and losing weight at the time so I was feeling better but he was probably liking the way I looked less and less. WTF!? I can’t win…I meet a guy and I’m thinner, he likes it but then I put on that ‘I’m comfortable weight’ (you know what I’m talking about…we’ve been together long enough that you can love me fat or leave ha ha). Then I meet a guy who likes me ‘thick’ (ack) and I get thinner and he doesn’t like it. So it looks like I may have to rely on my brains…in other words I’m fucked…or not.