Well Well, I find myself in a situation in which I never thought I would find myself…I am ashamed to admit it but I have entered the land of FWB…it even hurts to say :). Now I kinda, sorta, maybe had something close to a dating relationship with this guy…let’s call him Midland…a while back and well I got attached and he got attached to someone else. We have been friends for quite a few years and have remained friends through all the ‘ups and downs’. Now for whatever reasons I am not relationship material for him but I make a fantastic ‘fuck buddy’ but this would require some fucking to actually happen right? I find that I am keeping my emotions out of it this time and I am merely using him for movies, dinner and sex. This may be wrong but I strongly believe that at some point in your life you should be the booty caller and not the booty call-ee. I have done the part justice in that I have turned him down, acted uninterested, set the date and times we see each other and I’m leaving when he isn’t ready for me to go. The sex is satisfactory, sometimes even a little more (if he was reading this I’d say it was mind-blowing every time of course ;)) but is it possible that even my FWB situation has gotten in a slump. How the hell does this happen…it’s just sex…no emotion…no thought…no commitment…but shit it still takes an effort. I still need to shower, shave and be somewhat energetic. So, unfortunately it looks as though my Friends with Benefits has become my Friends with wannabe Benefits, Friends with we want Benefits but are too lazy, and last but not least my Friends with Benefits later, maybe.