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We all know that in the past I have not been shy about embracing my inner cougar… I have had more than my share of cubs.. but I have to draw the line somewhere.

POF is a breeding ground for young men looking for the “older woman” experience. They want to hook up with a sexy, mature chick, someone who will be flattered by the attention of a young guy , a guy who wants nothing more than to please her in bed. Of course these young bucks are hoping to learn some tricks from a more experienced partner, and they are often not disappointed.

The guys get a partner who doesn’t want to play head games, who is more in tune with their bodies and their sexuality. These woman know what they want in bed and arent shy about asking for it. The boys usually have the time of their lives , learn a few tricks, and come away with an appreciation for the more mature woman.

I will admit that I have indulged in a little cub play in the past.. there is no greater ego boost to a woman in her late 30s early 40s , than to have a hot young guy panting at her feet, willing to do whatever it takes to get her into bed. For the most part, i had a good time, the guys were enthusiastic, willing to please, and more than eager to follow my lead.

Well as I said earlier, I have to draw the line somewhere. Earlier today, I received a message from a young pof’er.. he is all of 18, and his profile picture is of him and his prom date. I assumed he was looking for some sex, and I wasnt wrong.. his message to me was this ,

“you know you want me to grab you by the ass, throw you on the bed, and fuck the shit out of you’

This boy is the same age as my daughter! In fact she is dating a boy who is older than he is! I was quick to share this with him, as I turned him down. Now I will give him credit, he didn’t give up easily, the only surprise was that he didn’t send  a dick pic..

Eventually he got the message and moved on , thank god.. I felt dirty just talking to him, knowing what he wanted from me.

I’m not ruling out a young pup in the future, however, I had no problem passing this up.. I sincerely hope he gets the experience he is looking for..