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Hey sexy people, Trixie is in the house! I have to admit that although I am usually up for anything.. I am faced with a situation that im not sure what to do with …. where does one draw the line on the number of partners in your bed at one time?

Who hasn’t thought about more than one cock in a pillow session? or an extra pussy to play with? Every woman out there at one time or another has fantasized about being ravished but two or more men looking to indulge her every sexual desire..

For most people, thinking about this is more than enough.. I, however , am not most people. A threesome was on my sexual bucket list, the opportunity arose and i went for it! I will be the fist to admit that it wasn’t all i had hoped it would be.. a little too planned out, and lacking a little sexual chemistry. I also have a strong suspicion that there was a third guy in the hall beating his cock like it owed him money as me and his buddies fucked several feet away… just a little distracting..

The guys involved obviously enjoyed themselves because they have been after me since to go another round.. the catch is they want to include more guys.. they seem to have an endless supply of ” really good guys “who just happen to be horny and interested in an orgy.

Now I know what to do with two guys.. and although my general rule is “every hole is a goal ” I can only accommodate so many cocks at one time.. i’m not clear what the other guy or guys would be doing to entertain themselves.. i kinda envision a DMV type of lineup.. each guy with a number, waiting for thier turn to come up… perhaps they are checking thier emails on thier phones.. reading magazines or maybe playing a little pocket pool in anticipation of thier turn at bat..

Perhaps adding another chick to the mix may help to take the pressure off .. another set of holes to keep the guys busy..but I’m not sure how i feel about having female competition in the bedroom.. will i be jealous that all eyes, and hands aren’t on me? will i be worried about them having a better time with her? is she a better fuck?  i think i will keep this a guys only experience.. at least for the time being..

So the real question is, how many is too many? 3?4?more? where does a girl draw the line?  The two original guys are trying to set up a date as we speak….and its up to me to decide how many others to invite.. whats a girl to do? i welcome input.. and i will be sure to report back on how it goes…..