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So boys…what does it mean when I say I am a ‘Good Girl’? How about I answer because clearly none of you get it…

For me being a ‘Good Girl’ means I’m not going to bump uglies on the first date. It’s not code for ‘I’m playing hard to get’ or that I just want to play head games. Our first meeting wont be at two in the morning at my house because your parents are home and you don’t want to wake them…and I have to come get you because the buses stopped running four hours ago. No, I’m not going to ‘cuddle’ with you as ‘friends’ either. Yes, I’m looking for conversation, patience, and understanding. It seems I may be asking a lot. As flattering as it is (ack) I wont give in, even if I am so lucky as to be able to give you head or have sex with you (always so thoughtful).

This ‘good girl’ wants someone who can carry on a conversation about things other than sex. Go on several dates without the expectation of sex hanging over my head and the possibility of more than a few dates if I don’t have sex with you right away. I see a theme here…sex, sex, sex…don’t get me wrong I wanna bone as much as the next person…I’m a ‘good girl’, I’m not dead.

If I talk to or meet a guy and they comment on my tits and or ass right out the gate that WON’T get my attention. Someone who takes the time to ask questions and learn things about me…. (And can actually remember those things) will get somewhere.

Things that will work a lot better for you…You are beautiful vs. fuck you’re hot. You have a great smile vs. nice tits. Let’s go out to dinner vs. want to cuddle. Even…You have nice lips vs. those lips would look good wrapped around my dick…really?!

A genuine “good guy” would have no problems turning this ‘good girl’ into a bad one!