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She moves in mysterious ways. She has this very tantalizing appeal about her. The Black Widow can draw a man’s attention from anyone and anything. Doesn’t matter who else is in the room, her sultry ways and her confidence makes it seem like she is the only one that exists. She loves the way this makes her feel in the moment. She feels wanted, sexy, empowered and quixotic to the point where it’s almost a high or rush. She can steal these men away from their women and gets what it is she wants from them. When she has her way with them and receives the pleasure she is seeking, she tosses them aside and never looks back. She feels no attachment to her prey and is left feeling fulfilled sexually. There are no feelings of guilt for having taken advantage of her seductive ways and undeniable physical appeal. She says all the right things and makes all the right promises. The Black Widow always leaves them wanting more but never intends to give them what they desire.

The Black Widow aka The Thief in the Night

….but I guess we can’t all be men…