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Listen boys, if you are worried or embarrassed of the size of your ‘package’ you probably should be. Chances are you have been so concerned and consumed with your lil ding-a-ling that you have developed a self-esteem issue about it and well…we sense that shit.

The difference is, men worry about the size of his penis and women care about the functionality of it. Don’t get me wrong, if you whip that thing out and we have to squint to see it we are automatically disappointed, however, we then rely on whether or not you can put that puppy to work. If you can’t impress a lady with its sheer size then you better be honing in on some other ‘mind blowing’ skills. For fuck sakes if god didn’t bless ya with a huge cock he sure as hell gave ya a tongue that works.

Marathon man ~ a great thing if you can actually get the girl off instead of having her lay there thinking about what she needs to get for groceries tomorrow. Or screwing her into a drought and it feels like you wrapped your dick in sandpaper, leaving her walking like she rode a horse for hours. So remember, just because you can go for hours, doesn’t make you good at sex.

Position King ~ so you have googled all the sex positions and know how to perform them all…that’s great if you are trying to educate someone on sexual positions or maybe even doing it as a form of weight loss but if your goal is to send your lady over the edge this is probably not the way. Chances are you are switching positions just when you are getting into a good groove that is getting her closer to the big ‘O’ and then bam you move into some dumbass position she can’t even stand!  So instead of googling positions maybe you should be studying your woman to find out what position your pinky dick works best in.

Minute man ~ Sweet heart, if you can’t keep it up or control your load then at least find some other way to get your woman off. If you are experiencing some ups and downs don’t just make excuses about it and then roll over and go to sleep…do something else!!! If your woman gets your rocks off in 5 minutes or less and she is left unsatisfied…SATISFY her!! Don’t lay there and cry about it.

Listen, I can’t speak for all women but I have had a lot of sex that didn’t end in orgasm for me but 99% of the time the guy DID finish. More often than not the guy would do nothing for me to get me off after he was finished. WTF!?

Maybe you fellas should focus less on size and more on whether or not you are actually good in the sack because all these things happen to guys with big dicks too. You all have tongues and fingers, use them good damn it!!!!