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I have grown increasingly disenchanted with the whole dating scene.. It seems that it is getting more and more difficult to find a guy who wants something more than to get laid..

Now let me be clear, I have no problem with two consenting adults having casual sex, I have indulged on several occasions , but I have found that it leaves me feeling empty so I am looking for a little more.

I try to be clear with any new prospects, that im not looking for a “fuck n’ chuck” , that I need a little more connection and commitment from a guy if we are going to land in bed, or the back seat, or on a park bench..and more often than not, the man makes a hasty retreat, claiming he isnt looking for anything serious.

There is an assumption that there are two kinds of relationships between men and women…. either a casual hook up, with no follow up afterwards, or a serious almost married situation.. neither of which i am looking for..

Is it too much to meet a guy who wants interaction with my brain as well as my cooter? Someone who wnats to spend time with doing something other than the horizontal polka? A man  who might want to actually go out on a date in public, a man who will hang out with me and my girls once and a while but who also needs some guy time. I have no desire to find a suga daddy, a father for my kids, a white knight to “save me”…

I just need a guy who recognizes that there is more to me than sex, that I have more to offer than my body..I think these guys would be pleasantly surprised if they would just let go of thier misconceptions, and gave me a chance..

They may find that I was what they were looking for all along