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Right from the beginning of our friendship, Sexxie and I bonded over men and sex… we developed a comfort level that allowed no topic to be off limits to discussion, whether it was experiences, tips and tricks, or planned activities with the opposite sex. We worked together, so naturally some of these discussions happened at work. ( if the boss is reading this, we tried to keep these talks on the down low.. tried..)

Anyway, one such conversation took place on a cold, wet, February afternoon,  we were busy working and were talking about our slightly more reserved co-worker,Pebbles, and how we felt like she didn’t enjoy our chosen topics and that we should watch that in the future, as we didn’t want to make her uncomfortable. 

She came back from her break, sniffling from a cold.. sauntered up to us and said

” about the only reason I’m glad I have this cold, is now I don’t have to go to the blow job workshop tonight that my fiance signed me up for”

Sexxie and I stared at her in stunned silence.. we looked at her, we looked at each other…each of us with similar questions flashing in our eyes..

There is a workshop offered for blow jobs? How did we not know this? You  planned on going? Your fiance wants you to attend ?  Does he think you need it? Where do we sign up?

We were seeing a whole new side to Pebbles.. She wasn’t as reserved as we had earlier suspected..We launched into a whole discussion on oral sex, likes and dislikes, debated the age old dilemma, to spit or swallow.. and wondered exactly what would happen at this workshop..

That evening Sexxie signed us up and we immediately started recruiting others to join us. We had to wait a month for the next session, but I can tell you that I more than got my monies worth before I even attended. I enjoyed dropping it into conversations, watching the surprised looks on the faces as they registered what I was telling them. I even stopped in the middle of some oral action, to tell my partner where I was going the following week.. the thought put him right over the edge.. literally..

I will tell you , that the actual workshop wasn’t exactly what we had expected, it was slightly more clinical than we would have liked. The instructor was entertaining, and the wall of dildos and strap-ons behind her gave us something to look at during the slightly boring parts.

The over-all lesson was that a good blow job comes form a positive attitude, something Sexxie and I already knew and practiced.  If there ever was a time to let your inner porn star out to play, ladies this is it… do this and I guarantee you will get quick results , and you can move on to other pleasures..

A year later, I am still talking about this event, still enjoying the surprised reactions, and i continue to work on perfecting my technique..

As a side note.. Pebbles never did attend the workshop..perhaps she too, already knew everything she needed to know..