I was at work the other day, when a co-workers mom came in to do some shopping. We had received a new line of yoga pieces, and we were anxious to get some feedback , and she was just the woman to tell us what she thought.

We got her into a fitting room, and the fashion show began.. shirts, jackets , pants.. she was digging what we were giving her , until we got to the last pair of pants. Out she came , with a concerned look on her face.. before we could ask what the problem was, she asked..

” do these pants make my cooter look fat?”.. um.. what?

Now I will tell you, that as a salesperson, we often have to check out a customer , giving opinions and suggestions for a good fit..I have been asked lots of questions, but never have i heard about potential cooter bulge..

It got me wondering.. is this something that actually occurs? should I be assesing my snatch to ensure it stays a reasonable size? Are guys aware of a difference in pussy circumfrence ?

Are there exercises I should be doing? More sex perhaps.. or does that build up muscle mass.. crap.. I hope not..

Either way, I think its not something women need to be concerned about, in this case i think it really was a pair of bad fitting pants and not a problem with her feminin area..

Just to be safe though, I think I will take a moment now and then to do a little self assesment, just to make sure everything is as it should be south of the border, a chick cant be too careful about these things..