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Sweet Jesus vodka should have been Wonder Womans weapon of choice…equivalent to the lasso of truth but much more fun. Instead of indestructible bracelets she should have handcuffs and well I will let her keep her tiara. She could have whips and chains for back up…except I think I’m turning wonder woman into Sexxie….just kidding, I don’t have a tiara.

So it’s those things we’d like to blame on the alcohol…like I made out with that guy right over there, I was so drunk. I took that guy home last night…What were you thinking? Man, I don’t know I drank so much i can barely remember anything. Next time take my phone from me because I was texting ‘Lucia’ telling him all the dirty things I wanted to do to him (ok not all of the things…I did manage to save some things) and I am trying to maintain a ‘not just sex respect’ to the relationship.

We all know that alcohol is a cop-out. You wanted to do and or say all those things, you just don’t want to be judged for them. You really are that kinky girl who does all those naughty things when you are drunk, you are just too shy without the liquid courage. I mean, I really do want to do questionable, unholy, naughty things to ‘Lucia’ so the alcohol didn’t make me want to do them it just gave me the nudge to disclose some of that information sooner than I would have.

So girls, stop pussy footin around! You know you want it and when you jump on it you just need to own that shit.