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In this era of spandex, lycra, and leggings, it is probable that you have all unexpectedly encountered someone elses camel toe.. possibly even sporting one yourself unknowingly.. It can happen in the malls, grocery stores and of course the clubs.. a chick comes along, dressed in something tight.. perhaps you’re checking out her outfit and bang! You are almost slapped across the face with a set of meat curtains fighting to get out of her ill-fitting pants!

I have just recently been informed that this unsightly condition is not unique to women… men too, can suffer from this fashion faux pas…This phenominom is known as … Moose Knuckles…

Cyclists, swimmers, gym rats, men with bad fashion .. are often prone to a division of the balls, leaving each nut to hang off to the side, resulting in a “hound dog ” bulge in the pants…

You have to wonder how a guy could go about his business with such an uncomfortable situation in his pants.. clearly the nuts are happier nestled together, in a looser pant.. Perhaps these guys are so involved in their activities, they don’t notice the division, maybe it is more comfortable in such tight quarters…or maybe they think they are showing off “the goods”

Either way , I think we can all agree that this is not something we want to see on a daily basis, so men, lets give the balls a little room to dangle together, and lets leave the knuckles to the moose..