I think its time i introduced you my boy Ringo…. my 13-year-old son. Now Ringo is a unique child.. a leader not a follower, a guy who is comfortable in his own skin, and enjoys being the class clown. He’s a kid who appears to be off in his own little world but believe me, he misses nothing..

He’s a boy who is unconcerned with the latest trends.. he likes what he likes, and isn’t afraid to show it. He is currently obsessed with music from the 40’s and 50’s.. he drives us crazy with facts and stories about the artists he’s in to..but all in all he’s very entertaining..

Now Ringo always seems to get himself into situations that are unusual , to say the least.. more often than not getting caught in the act performing some kind of dumbassery..

One afternoon I had a meet and greet date with a guy i had connected with on pof.. We had gone for a drive, and ended up sitting at a lake close by my house , just chatting and getting to know each other.. It was mid afternoon, and as we were talking, I noticed three boys coming onto the boardwalk across the lake, and i immediately recognized Ringo and a couple of buddies.

” oh look, there’s my son and his buddies” i said to my date.. ” they like to hang out down here sometimes “…. The boys paused on the boardwalk, talking..

Next thing I know, Ringo is climbing over the railing onto the ice.. not very think ice i might add.. ” excuse me” i say to my friend.. ” i need to make a call” I whip out my phone, and dial my boy.. I see him reach for his phone with one hand, as he holds the railing with the other..

“hello” he says..

” boy you had better get the fuck off that ice before i come over there and kick your ass” his head snaps up and he glances around quickly and he tries to hold his phone and start to climb back up.. ” ok ” he stammers..

” and tell your friend to get the hell of the ice as well.. what the fuck is wrong with you guys” … “ok”.. he’s struggling to get himself over the railing quickly, still trying to look around to see where I might be..

” and pull your damn pants up” my parting shot , as his pants slide down even lower than usual.. “ok….. I love you…..” i hear as i hang up the phone..

Now he and his buddies are looking around with the ” what the fuck just happened.. where is she” look on their faces.. They spot me in the car.. wave sheepishly and slink off.. I send a text.. ” don’t forget.. mama knows everything.”..

Poor boy… can’t catch a break.. it’s a wonder he even tries anymore..