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Way back in the day when men worked in the field and women in the kitchen….fuck that…those days are over. Now women work outside of the home, in the kitchen and do all the work in the bedroom (backseat of the car, outside on a bench in the park, at the movies, etc). Just kidding fellas, we know you go to work too ;). But seriously, back then love and sex pretty much went hand in hand. You had sex with the person you loved and you stayed with that person no matter what. The one downfall to those times was that even if you were unhappy you stayed in the relationship. So when did the transition happen? When did we stop only having sex in love? When did we start screwing for sport? How do you know when someone wants to have sex with you just to put another notch on the belt? How do you avoid being a ‘Hump n Dump’? Is it our fellow ladies that can disconnect sex from love that make it hard for us ladies that combine the two? Or is it the men who hear you saying you don’t want to be just another ‘booty call’ but they don’t care? I can’t help but think even those ladies that say they are all good with casual sex aren’t really ok with it. Ultimately,  they want a relationship just like the rest of us but are settling for pleasure that doesn’t last because they think that’s all they can get right now. To the ladies that aren’t settling and who enjoy doing to men what they have been doing to women for years all the power to ya!! Sometimes, just sometimes, I wish I didn’t associate sex with love because let me tell you there are some men I’d love to just take home and have my way with for hours and hours. For example this guy I’m talking to right now ‘Lucia’ he is definitely one of those guys. I am having a very hard time being a ‘good girl’ but so far so good. I have been battling lately with my morals, wondering if it would be so bad for me to have meaningless sex. And I have come to the conclusion that there is absolutely nothing wrong with it…for someone else. Don’t get me wrong, I am a very sexual person and my we vibe takes a beating (as will the next guy I gets my hands on) but I wont settle for someone who just wants to screw and not give me some kind of substance and emotions outside of the bedroom. Someone who respects my morals and the fact that I am not just a sex object is very attractive to me. Someone who can see passed my physical qualities, takes the time to get to know me and is patient will not regret it. I didn’t take a blow job workshop for nothin fellas! And just because I flirt doesn’t mean I’m easy…there really isn’t a correlation between the two.

So just because the last puppet you fucked had no strings doesn’t mean the next one wont. Let us decide if we want to give up the pussy without the heart….don’t play games to hit it and quit it.