If nothing else, dating makes for some good stories to share…case in point..

I got a call the other day from a guy that i went out with once , almost a year ago.. Thank goodness for voicemail… his message started out with him reminding me about our date, stating that he was fresh out of a relationship and he was interested in meeting.. I choose not to respond, and if I tell you about our one and only date, you will understand why..

J and I had met through pof and we had been exchanging emails for a couple of weeks , when we decided to meet for a drink. We arranged to get together after i finished work, at a bar close by. I locked up and started to make my way across the parking lot, when a van pulled up next to me, J was driving. He suggested we go across the harbor to a little jazz club that he knew.. I mulled it over and decided to go along.

We were making conversation as we drove along and I commented that I had just finished a particular long day.. i was looking forward to a drink.. pointing towards a coffee cup in the cup holder, he says ” have a drink of that, it will relax you” now I have to admit I was a little slow that evening and thought he was offering me coffee, which I don’t drink, so i politely declined.. he says ” are you sure? I know how you like your rye”… yes you read that correctly… This guy had mixed me a drink , and brought it along with him..

Now we all know the safety rules,,don’t drink and drive , and don’t accept a drink from a stranger, so i was happy to leave it where it was. Well he wasnt going to let it go to waste, and proceed to sip as we drove, although I pointed out how unwise it was to do so.. now let me clarify, he was not drunk in the least, but he was enjoying the rye, and i was wondering how i had gotten into this situation…

As we came off the bridge, we encountered a police road block.. was this fate stepping in to save me?  As we rolled to a stop, and lowered the window.. I was already scoping out the closest bus stop to make my escape as I anticipated j being cuffed and taken away..

Well my escape was not to be.. after a short chat, we were waved on our way… We continued on to a bar, that wasnt a jazz club after all, but instead was a karaoke bar… could this date go any further down the toilet?

We did manage to have some pleasant conversation.. I had two beer, he had one.. and we decided to call it a night. The one thing that got me through was the exchanging of texts with another friend of mine.. we were arranging to meet as soon as i extracted myself from this date..

We had almost made it home, and were sitting at a stop sign when he lunged over and kissed me..WTF? Calgon, take me home…

Anyway, we arrived home, and i thanked him for a lovely evening , and quickly made my escape..

He continued to email me over the next few weeks, detailing all of the things he wanted to do to me….uugh… I chose not to respond and eventually he stopped trying to contact me.. until the other day…

Now I’m all for a good dating story, but I think i will refrain from going down this particular road again… after all, there are dozens of other stories out there waiting to be told…