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Not long ago I was asked what my number was…aka how many people have you slept with? Kitty said “Don’t do it, don’t tell him!” She wasn’t the only one that said not to answer that question. So what did I do? I answered, ha ha. PDoggSquared stated, “If you can’t remember how many people you have slept with’ then it’s too many.” In other words, you may be a dirty hoe? I’m sure the stereotype doesn’t always fit the situation. What if the prince banged cinderella at the ball and at midnight she was gone? Instead of walking around the villiage with a shoe to put on all the girls, he’d have a pocket of rubbers. Would he be judged for screwing all the women to find his princess? Now let’s turn the tables and talk about Little Red ‘Riding’ Hood. What if instead of bread and pastry in her basket she had names on lil pieces of paper and drew them out one at a time and had her way with them on her way to granny’s? What if the big bad wolf was a big bad lumberjack and she slept with him to save her granny? Would she be considered a whore? Like Kitty said in a previous post…she probably would be. Either way I told him my number because my experiences make me who I am and to be honest, my number isn’t that bad. Then like an idiot I asked him his. Kitty was right…never ask or tell. The past is not relevant to your future in this case. All it does is leave you to wonder and question things you can’t change or understand. Regardless of what someone has done before you (as long as you’re not catching something) it doesn’t mean you are just a notch on the belt or just another name added to the basket. So as long as I am not treated like one of the village girls you are screwing to find your cinderella, then we will be good.

Moral of the story is … you will be judged no matter what your number is…if it’s too few…you are probably a stalemate in bed or a nun. If it’s too many you probably just fuck anything that spreads their legs like the daily news.,