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Ok, so I am in my early 30’s (ouch that hurts to say out loud) and single! WTF!? I wanna date but I don`t date…I wanna fall in love but I don`t let people in…how is this working out for me you ask…it`s not! So I joined POF…who in the blue hell let me do that??? KITTY did. I would say 80% of the guys that have messaged me I have not even answered and 15% of the remaining 20 that I did respond to either wanted to partake in coutus, show me that they can pleasure themselves orally (oh don’t worry you will get to read all about that in a post), or they want to kiss my feet. Doing the math this leaves 5%…I met ‘Lexington’, great guy but now we are in the ‘friends zone’ and I am glad for having met him. Right now I am talking to ‘Lucia” and he is looking for ‘nothing serious’ right now…we all know what that means eh. Let’s get back to the guys that want to screw…do i look like a pin cushion? To the guy that can give himself a blow job…what was it you needed me for? And how the hell did you find out you could do that? To all the men that LOVE feet, POF stands for Plenty of Fish not Plenty of Feet or Plenty of Fetishes. It completely amazes me how many guys get a hard on for feet, literally. Now let me address the men that have sent the same message to me and Kitty on the same night…..really? At least be original. So I am starting to think (who am I kidding I knew) a dating site may not be for me. So where does one go to meet men? The bar, where they probably look and sound great because you are hammed and it’s dark and you pretend you know what they are saying when really you can’t hear a damn thing so you nod and laugh randomly. At work, so when things don’t work out you have to continue to see their sorry asses everyday? Church…oh jesus who am i kidding? The grocery store…maybe we will both reach for the same melon? How romantic…ack!!! Maybe for now I will continue doing what I do best and that is being the best non dating dater I know. You never know what you can catch in that pond if you sit by it long enough but at least I know I wont be one of the people catching something I can’t throw back…if ya know what I mean.