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Ladies from the beginning of time, women have had to band together to get what they rightfully deserve, whether it’s the right to vote, equality in the work place, or the right to have medical control over our bodies..

One place we are sadly lacking mutual support is in the home.Many households these days contain two adults who have come from previous relationships, and there are often children involved on both sides.

It never ceases to amaze me how many hypocritical women are out there, women who have expectations from their baby daddies, all the while living with a deadbeat dad.These women will do anything and everything to make sure they get what they deserve to help support their kids, things i agree they have a right too.. but they allow the new men in their lives to live without responsibilities.

These men often don’t hold steady jobs, have regular visitation, or pay child support, and their women condone this behaviour, never demanding that they step up and be a man. What is that telling society? That all is good as long as you’re getting what you deserve, to hell with everyone else?

Ladies we need standards, don’t settle for the losers that cant and wont do whats is moral right, don’t stay with the men who dismiss the needs of their sons and daughters, who refuse to be role models and instead inspire contempt..

All children deserve to be acknowledged, loved, supported, and cared for.. if you are going to demand those things for your babies, then  you damn well better make sure your man is doing it for his .. or you become no better than the deadbeat himself..