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By day Kitty comes across as every other woman you would meet on the street. She holds down a reputable job and volunteers within her community as much as she can all while raising 2 teenage children and often has more guests at her table then the queen would at supper time. Some evenings you could catch her writing on her blog 😉 or flaunting her ‘wittiness’ on POF flooring all the upstanding men. As the sun sets and the moon lifts the aura and mood of kitty starts to shift from the ‘every day woman’ to ‘you need to keep your man in check around this woman woman’. I mean the lashes go on, the nails come out and she is ready to play. She feels sexy, funny, alluring and the men can sense it and just can’t resist. Just through sheer chatter she reels them in. They can’t stand having only a computer separating them and they NEED to meet. She accepts the challenge of a racy night of unknowns and unheard-ofs taking them by surprise. She gives them a night of unfathomable toe curling pleasure and before they know it she’s gone….

She’s awoken the next day by a text saying how hot the nights escapade was and how they cant wait to do it again….and that my friend is what we women call ‘the power of the pussy’.