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So I decided one night to actually message a guy on POF solely to give him some props for being a single dad working full-time. I commend anyone who is in that situation as I can relate and know all too well how tough it can be. I think we hear of more single mothers but the single fathers out there don’t get the credit they should, so big ups to them. I sent the message with no expectations of a response as that was not why I messaged him, besides he lived outside of the province.

He responds with…

“Imagine kissing me in the shower before I move you to the bed, you are laying down on my bed, I am kissing your lips, working my way down to your neck slowly teasing your skin working my way down to your shoulder slowly running my tongue down to the middle of your breasts, slowly working my tongue around them,
teasing your nipples between my lips working my way down to your
stomach, slowly kissing and blowing over your skin, running my
tongue then down slowly to your thigh right down to the kneecap
and up the other leg to your hip gently then turning you onto your
stomach, kissing the backs of your thighs, up to your butt cheeks,
slowly bitting and kissing them for what seems like an eternity,
working my way up with my tongue to your lower back, kissing every
inch of your back up to your shoulders again finally working my
way to the back of your neck. Imagine, laying on my bed, your eyes closed, head
tilted back, mouth slightly open, your hands gripping the sheets, your lower
back arched off the bed, your legs over my shoulders as your heels
dig into my lower back as my tongue teases and tantilizes you till
your legs begin to quiver as you explode in pleasure over and over
in my mouth till you cannot stand it anymore. I then turn you on
your hands and knees, slide myself into you from behind pulling
your shoulders up to my chest having your hands grab the back of
my neck as my lips caress kiss and tease your neck, my hands slide
in front of you 1 going down and teases you as the other goes up
and massages your breasts, as you push back against me, I thrust
forward into you till we explode in pleasure, you fall forward
onto the bed as I lower myself over you as I kiss your back
intensifying your pleasure.”

  Did he honestly think this was going to get him somewhere? Did he think that I thought he took the time to write this just for me and that it hadn’t been copy and pasted hundreds of times and sent to every girl on POF? And to the girls that this shit works on…shame on you! SMH

What can I say I have a weakness for a guy who will kiss me all the way down to my kneecaps…they never get the attention they deserve!