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It seems that the new trend in dating these days is the “blow and go” … a quick meeting between consenting adults for a little sexual release.  More and more people are deciding that they don’t have the time to actually date but really just want to get their rocks off.. These rendezvous can happen anywhere, behind closed doors, or in a parked car, wherever is quick and convenient for the parties involved..

Of course there is a double standard with this ,its ok for a man to engage in some quick , casual lovin.. perhaps one would call him a player but he wears that title with pride… while a woman is labeled, fast-ass, slut, trick, ho, easy..

Well women, its time we unite together and declare to one and all that we are ok with getting our sexual needs met by a guy we may know little about…a guy we have no intention of seeing again, and a guy we probably would not recommend to our friends..

Lets all move forward into an era that allows everyone to do what they have to do to be fulfilled without judgement.. a time of guilt free ass..