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Fellas, Fellas, Fellas… I’m going to give you a piece of advice that may just get you into the pants of the next girl you go on a date with.  Although nice abs, strong arms (that could toss her around in the sack), nice lips (the kind you love to watch him lick and can only imagine what they would feel like on certain parts of your body), a perfect smile, and an ass that you can’t help but wanna smack (out of the pants of course)…wow I gotta ‘reel’ this shit back in (down girl)…Those may all be things on her ‘wish she could have’ list but a man who can carry on a conversation is HOT all on its own! As long as a guy has blood flow to his junk we all know sex is possible but does that make her feel special? As special as the girl he got off on in that playboy magazine or as special as whatever it is he thinks about in the shower (maybe its the slippery soap that does it for him). When men realize that they can turn a woman on just by talking to her we as women will be fucked!! (pun intended of course)

Sexamatics 101

Ask meaningful questions + pay attention and remember details about her = puntang pie