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Most of the men who have come into my life through dating have been questionable to say the least..You know what I mean….. the mamas boys, the unemployed, still married, those fearing commitments, drug dealers, toothless, ive met them all..repeatedly.

Its time to give a shout out to the good guys, believe me ladies, they are out there. My dear waterboy, who , while dealing with a serious health issue of his own, is endlessly supportive of everything I do. He is able to brighten my darkest days with a simple “hi you doll” in my inbox.. he’s my biggest cheerleader, and in his eyes I can do no wrong..

Legs is another gem who has come into my life recently.. a pof match.. a single dad just doing his best to be a good man and father to his little boy..he makes me laugh, doesn’t take me too seriously,and is always good for a conversation..little does he know that these things make him even sexier than he already is…I’m fortunate that he got caught in my net.. i don’t plan to let him get away easily..

I cant forget  S who would gladly make the two hour drive to see me if I needed a friend..my valley friend who checks in with me daily to see how its going,and sends some cyber love when I need It.. and of course my most recent ex, who although we don’t date anymore, he still continues to volunteer regularly at a program I hold dear to my heart..

Perhaps tonight I will not dwell on the losers that have come into my life, but instead I will take a moment to appreciate  those that have entered, made my life more pleasurable, and have decided to stick around….a girl really cant ask for anymore..