I was sitting on a crowded bus, after a long day at work and I decide to check my phone for messages. I have the usual collection of texts from the kids , checking in, e-mails from regular mailing lists and a couple of texts from friends. I work my way through the less interesting messages when I come across a text from an old flame, lets call him the “print master”. I hadn’t heard from him in a while, not unusual for us, and I’m glad to hear from him.

I’m staring out the window, waiting for the text to open when I hear a startled “whoa” from the guy beside me.. I look down and see what he has seen… There in all its glory, is a close up of print masters “little editor” and the message..” we both miss you”.. I flash an embarrassed smile at my seatmate and close the text.

I would like to tell you that this is a rare occurrence, but that’s not true .. I regularly receive these pics, unsolicited..some of these pics come from a lover attempting foreplay, while most come from virtual strangers. It seems that many men fear that they aren’t able to impress with words alone, so they go for a little extra edge. They think that we will fall at their feet at the mere sight of their member.. not happening..

I have started a photo album on my phone to house my new collection..and its growing quickly .. I have big ones, and small ones, several that are circumcised, and some that still have their collars on..one has a purplish hue to it and yet another resembles those Russian dolls that have smaller dolls inside…Sexxie and I joke that this guy keeps his dick in a carrying case… The star of the collection takes on a more artistic lean..It is an erect member with a backdrop of red curtains with sunlight streaming through.. it’s the gem of the bunch!

These pics always come with the request for a return pic..fair is fair after all.. so when I get a dick pic I send out a dick pic…I often don’t hear from the guy again…

As the dating continues, I’m sure the collection will continue to grow..I almost feel like I should put a warning on my POF profile letting guys know that if they send a pic, it will be added, rated and talked about.. but I fear that this will encourage more art submissions. So I will leave well enough alone and let the dicks fall where they may..