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So this one time at band camp…no no no that’s been done.

So on a crisp December day in 2010 Kitty and Sexxie were transferred to the same place of work. They had never met before this day but they soon found out they could see each others houses from their windows…they had never crossed paths once…but now their paths don’t seperate…much. Having worked a few days together Kitty starts sharing some dating stories and tips with Sexxie…ones she will never forget of course. Kitty had recently joined a dating site as you all may know as POF. Kitty having just come out of an 18yr relationship was sowing those wild oats that clearly needed it oh so badly. She quietly let Sexxie in on the fact that she was dating 5 gentlemen at one time….to which Sexxie said “shut the hell up!” and that’s where it all began…