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It’s that moment when you are just getting into a good groove and the equipment goes down…literally ladies.  Why is it when they can’t seem to keep things up and runnin’, we automatically think it’s something wrong with us? It’s that moment when you think…’wish it took batteries cause I have extras in the drawer’. This is the thing, when your vibrator stops working, you don’t have to reassure it (lie to it), you don’t have to ask ‘is it me?’, you don’t have to do all that work all over again! New batteries and you are good for the night. Unfortunately, what a vibrator is missing is kissability, abs, hands, abs…must I go on? Let’s be honest, you could take your vibrator out to dinner with you but it’s not going to pay for it. You could take it to a club with you but it won’t be able to move like he can on the dance floor. You could cuddle up with it by a fire and enjoy a movie together but we all know that’s not the same. Your vibrator can’t talk dirty to you or sext you when you are at work…and it can’t send you pics of itself to add to your penis album on your cell (what fun is that?). So with all things being equal I wouldn’t trade Flash ( thats what we will call him and not for the reason you think) for anything…even though he suffers from some ‘ups and downs’ the rest of him makes up for it 😉