kitty’s on the prowl once again

Hello my kittens, Miss Kitty is back and is on the hunt for some prey.. Now don’t take my silence to mean that I haven’t been a busy little kitty, I just wasn’t my best self, and therefore wasn’t hitting the keys to report my activities.

Well here we are at the beginning of a new year, and a new commitment to try to embrace my inner goddess, and to flirt my way through all of the single men in hopes of capturing the attention of Mr. Right instead of Mr. Right-now.

Stay tuned for details on my up coming adventures, and I may just fill you in on some of my most recent activities..

here’s to a new year filled with lots of adventures.



Well Well Well…it has been quite some time…too long one might say.

I do have an excuse though…I MET SOMEONE!!…and his ex-wife! I can officially say that I have met the kind of crazy you think only exists on TV. Lucky me eh. Being the pessimist we all know I am from my previous posts I am going to try to stick to the positives in this one. Bear with me ūüėČ

So my new guy isn’t new to me but this time he is my knight¬†in camo. We dated 14 years ago and here we find ourselves dating again. He left way back when to join the military and well he must have realized life wasn’t worth living without me…ok I‚Äôm not that good…but he did realize that leaving me to join the military wasn’t his biggest mistake in life but marrying that psychotic, cockeyed, bat crap crazy woman he met after me. What can I say, karma? Ok no one deserves that kind of crazy to be unleashed on them but on a positive note is has given me some stuff to blog about…so thank you to her for that.

This guy is one of the good ones…a little rough around the edges…pretends to be a hard ass (probably has something to do with the camo) but is really a big softy. He’s tall, fit, and could protect me if I needed him to…and well I let him think he has to cause it makes him feel tough :). He has beautiful blue eyes, good teeth and a great ass…all the makins of the perfect guy.

Now there have been a plethora of ups and downs…in and out of the bedroom which I am sure I will touch base on. Let‚Äôs just say the juices have been flowin.

PG I know you will read this so I will try not to say anything to embarrass you but no promises.

So I no longer have to deal with the dating bullshit and shenanigans but I do, however, have all the ‘stuff’ that a relationships bring. So far,¬†FTW and not WTF anymore.


Well Well, I find myself in a situation in which I never thought I would find myself…I am ashamed to admit it but I have entered the land of FWB…it even hurts to say :). Now I kinda, sorta, maybe had something close to a dating relationship with this guy…let’s call him Midland…a while back and well I got attached and he got attached to someone else. We have been friends for quite a few years and have remained friends through all the ‘ups and downs’. Now for whatever reasons I am not relationship material for him but I make a fantastic ‘fuck buddy’ but this would require some fucking to actually happen right? I find that I am keeping my emotions out of it this time and I am merely using him for movies, dinner and sex. This may be wrong but I strongly believe that at some point in your life you should be the booty caller and not the booty call-ee. I have done the part justice in that I have turned him down, acted uninterested, set the date and times we see each other and I’m leaving when he isn’t ready for me to go. The sex is¬†satisfactory,¬†sometimes even a little more (if he was reading this I’d say it was mind-blowing every time of course ;)) but is it possible that even my FWB situation has gotten in a slump. How the hell does this happen…it’s just sex…no emotion…no thought…no commitment…but shit it still takes an effort. I still need to shower, shave and be somewhat energetic. So, unfortunately it looks as though my Friends with Benefits has become my Friends with wannabe Benefits, Friends with we want Benefits but are too lazy, and last but not least my Friends with Benefits later, maybe.

Is Fat the new Skinny? Maybe with circus mirrors…and smoke?

So I haven’t had much to say…and if you knew me, you’d know that that isn’t possible. And the reality is, I have had a lot of things to write about but nothing that doesn’t make me look desperate or crazy ha ha. But let’s admit it ladies, at some point or another we have all been there. Things with Lucia have gone south so to speak. I found out that my definition of honesty and his definition of honesty were not quite the same. I said what I wanted and he said what I wanted to hear…only gets you so far…because eventually I guess I wanted more than he was willing to continue to say he was going to give. Face it, if you are asking a man for more than 1 thing at a time it’s just too much. If you said to your man ‘Honey I just want you to pleasure me all night long” he would be able to do that for you (ok maybe some of them could…some of the time). Ask him for sex and conversation, he may start to sweat. Ask him for sex, conversation and consideration…look the fuck out…it’s like you asked him to father your first-born child. Now, I can say that Lucia was the first guy that I have dated who said he likes his women ‘Thick’ which I think was suppose to be a compliment? He actually liked the way I looked (crazy) but unfortunately I didn’t. I was working out and losing weight at the time so I was feeling better but he was probably liking the way I looked less and less. WTF!? I can’t win…I meet a guy and I’m thinner, he likes it but then I put on that ‘I’m comfortable weight’ (you know what I’m talking about…we’ve been together long enough that you can love me fat or leave ha ha). Then I meet a guy who likes me ‘thick’ (ack) and I get thinner and he doesn’t like it. So it looks like I may have to rely on my brains…in other words I’m fucked…or not.

cougar on the prowel..


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We all know that¬†in the past I have not been shy about embracing my inner cougar… I have had more than my share of cubs.. but I have to draw the line somewhere.

POF is a breeding ground for young men looking for the “older woman” experience. They want to hook up with a sexy, mature chick, someone who will be flattered by the attention of a young guy , a guy who wants nothing more than to please her in bed. Of course these young bucks are hoping to learn some tricks from a more experienced partner, and they are often not disappointed.

The guys get a partner who doesn’t¬†want to play head games, who is more in tune with their¬†bodies and their¬†sexuality. These woman¬†know what they want in bed and arent shy about asking for it. The¬†boys usually have the time of their lives , learn a few tricks, and come away with an appreciation for the more mature woman.

I will admit that I have indulged in a little cub play in the past.. there is no greater ego boost to a woman in her late 30s early 40s , than to have a hot young guy panting at her feet, willing to do whatever it takes to get her into bed. For the most part, i had a good time, the guys were enthusiastic, willing to please, and more than eager to follow my lead.

Well as I said earlier, I have to draw the line somewhere. Earlier today, I received¬†a message from a young pof’er.. he is all of 18, and his profile picture is of him and his prom date. I assumed he was looking for some sex, and I wasnt wrong.. his message to me was this ,

“you know you want me to grab you by the ass, throw you on the bed, and fuck the shit out of you’

This boy is the same age as my daughter! In fact she is dating a boy¬†who is older than he is! I was quick to share this with him, as I turned him down. Now I will give him credit, he didn’t¬†give up easily, the only surprise was that he didn’t send¬† a dick pic..

Eventually he got the message and moved on , thank god.. I felt dirty just talking to him, knowing what he wanted from me.

I’m¬†not ruling¬†out a young pup in the future, however, I had no problem passing this up.. I sincerely hope he gets the experience he is looking for..


we’re back.. and sassier than ever!!!

hello darlings.. we’re back and we are crazier than ever! i know its been a while since we have posted , and im truely sorry about that. i think its safe to say that Sexxie and I were suffering some dating burn-out .. its not easy juggling our various love interests.. and we just needed a break.. but rejoice! We have lots of new adventures to share, and some juicy topics to discuss!

So hold onto your hats! Its about to get real!


2,3,.4 or more


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Hey sexy people, Trixie is in the house! I have to admit that although I am usually up for anything.. I am faced with a situation that im not sure what to do with …. where does one draw the line on the number of partners in your bed at one time?

Who hasn’t thought about more than one cock in a pillow session? or an extra pussy to play with? Every woman out there at one time or another has fantasized about being ravished but two or more men looking to indulge her every sexual desire..

For most people, thinking about this is more than enough.. I, however , am not most people. A threesome was on my sexual bucket list, the opportunity arose and i¬†went for it! I will be the fist to admit that it wasn’t all i had hoped it would be.. a little too planned out, and lacking a little sexual chemistry. I also have a strong suspicion that there was a third guy in the hall beating his cock like it owed him money as me and his buddies¬†fucked several feet away… just a little distracting..

The guys involved obviously enjoyed themselves because they have been after me since to go another round.. the catch is they want to include more guys.. they seem to have an endless supply of ” really good guys “who just happen to be horny and interested in an orgy.

Now I know what to do with two guys..¬†and although my general rule is “every hole is a goal ” I can only accommodate so many cocks at one time.. i’m¬†not clear what the other guy or guys would be doing to entertain themselves.. i¬†kinda envision a DMV type of lineup.. each guy with a number, waiting for thier¬†turn to come up… perhaps they are checking thier¬†emails on thier¬†phones.. reading magazines or maybe playing a little pocket pool in anticipation of thier turn at bat..

Perhaps adding another chick to the mix may help to take the pressure off .. another set of holes to keep the guys busy..but I’m not sure how i¬†feel about¬†having female competition in the bedroom.. will i¬†be jealous that all eyes, and hands aren’t on me? will i¬†be worried about them having a better time with her? is she a better fuck?¬† i¬†think i will keep this a guys only experience.. at least for the time being..

So the real question is, how many is too many? 3?4?more? where does a girl draw the line?¬† The two original guys are trying to set up a date as we speak….and its up to me to decide how many others to invite.. whats a girl to do? i¬†welcome input.. and i will be sure to report back on how it goes…..


Right here, Right now


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First I must apologize for leaving all our followers with nothing fantastic to read but I’ve been busy with this thing we call ‘Life’, but we are back….

I have come to realize a few things about myself and my life since the last time I wrote. My life is like a colour by numbers where all the things around me have been coloured in but I have not. And I’m afraid that if someone was to colour me in I’d just fade into the background and well that is NOT where Sexxie belongs!

I’m allowing people to treat me like I am replaceable and like I have no value….and in turn I’m¬†left feeling insecure, unwanted and worthless. I realize in my head somewhere that I deserve respect and am worth so much more than what I am getting, so why am I continuing to allow myself to go through the same shit over and over?

Let’s take ‘Lexington’ for instance…Nice guy…funny…appreciated that I wore a green¬†lantern T-shirt¬†on our first date…understood that I wasn’t going to sleep with him right away….appreciated that I am a single mother….was brave enough to join the kitchen table (once)….but turned out he wanted to be able to change things about me and well I am who I am. Needless to say that put the kibosh on that.

Now let’s talk ‘Lucia’….Smart….funny….hot….great smile….respectable…..great conversationalist (in person)….understanding….hardworking and dedicated….helpful….strong willed….knows what he wants out of life (this is where I don’t think I fit long-term)…..ultimately the guy you want and he says he is ‘into me’ and is ‘feeling me’ but wants ‘nothing serious’ because he is focusing on his schooling. I respect this completely and it’s kind of sexy but I’m left wondering why it is I can’t be part of all that. I wouldn’t want to take him from that. If anything I’d want to be there for him through that. I could be the person he vents to when he is stressed about it. The person he bounces ideas off of or the person he wants to spend time with when he just needs to get away from it all for a bit. I too am pretty busy working two jobs and raising my daughter so I am not expecting his full attention every night but I would love to know that he thinks about me, knows that I am here for him for more than sex on a friday night.

I guess I want to be someones long-term¬†goal and not someones short-term goal. But I can’t help but think, maybe I keep meeting these guys that will never make me their ‘forever’ plan but merely their ‘for now’ plan because losing someone from ‘forever’ is much¬†more heartbreaking then losing someone from ‘for now’.

new blood..


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I think its time we introduced you to our new guest blogger, Trixie.. a girl even more outrageous than Sexxie¬†and I. A¬†chick ¬†that pushes the limits of dating.. whether its with¬†the partners she chooses, the locations of her rendez¬†vous or the things she’s willing to try. She is bold, fearless, and sexy in her own skin..

Welcome Trixie.. we look forward to hearing from you!


‘The Good Girl’


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So boys…what does it mean when I say I am a ‘Good Girl’? How about I answer because clearly none of you get it…

For me being a ‘Good Girl’ means I’m not going to bump uglies on the first date. It’s not code for ‘I’m playing hard to get’ or that I just want to play head games. Our first meeting wont be at two in the morning at my house because your parents are home and you don’t want to wake them…and I have to come get you because the buses stopped running four hours ago. No, I’m not going to ‘cuddle’ with you as ‘friends’ either. Yes, I‚Äôm looking for conversation, patience, and understanding. It seems I may be asking a lot. As flattering as it is (ack) I wont give in, even if I am so lucky as to be able to give you head or have sex with you (always so thoughtful).

This ‘good girl’ wants someone who can carry on a conversation about things other than sex. Go on several dates without the expectation of sex hanging over my head and the possibility of more than a few dates if I don’t have sex with you right away. I see a theme here…sex, sex, sex…don’t get me wrong I wanna bone as much as the next person…I’m a ‘good girl’, I’m not dead.

If I talk to or meet a guy and they comment on my tits and or ass right out the gate that WON‚ÄôT get my attention. Someone who takes the time to ask questions and learn things about me…. (And can actually remember those things) will get somewhere.

Things that will work a lot better for you…You are beautiful vs. fuck you’re hot. You have a great smile vs. nice tits. Let’s go out to dinner vs. want to cuddle. Even…You have nice lips vs. those lips would look good wrapped around my dick…really?!

A genuine “good guy” would have no problems turning this ‘good girl’ into a bad one!